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Lack Of Fear

Skinner was correct. The areas of Asia where wolf attacks occur on humans are the same areas where people have no firearms or other effective means of predator control: See

Wolf-Human Encounters




Wolf Identification


The photo above shows two wolf tracks the front and hind foot, and a (smaller) coyote track. Wolf tracks are usually twice the size of coyote tracks. Tracks of both species are more oval shaped "canine-like" and similar to dog tracks. The two center toes of a wolf or coyote "canine track" are farther forward than the two center toes of a cougar  "cat track" as shown in photos to the right.


The single track above shows the size of a wolf's hind foot, which without claws is usually 3.4-4.2" long and 2.8-3.8" wide. Notice the elongated oval shape of the toes and the overall track shape verses the rounder shape of cougar toes and the rounder shape of the cougar tracks shown to the right. Wolves and coyotes (canines) walk with their toe nails protruding which causes the pointed nail mark on the end of the toes.


This is an inline, "directly registered" walking wolf track set, meaning the wolf's hind foot is placed exactly in the front foot track. The tracks are 24" apart, which is a typical stride length for a wolf when walking.


A wolf's hind foot is smaller in size and generally placed in front of the hind foot when trotting. There are pointed claw marks on the end of the toes made by the protruding toe nails.


The above tracks were made by a single trotting wolf. These trotting wolf tracks are spaced about 3 feet apart.


First wolf taken on 2009 Idaho Hunt. Notice the large head, broader snout, and larger body size.

Large Coyote taken in Washington. Notice the small head, narrow snout, and smaller body size.

The photo above shows a cougar track which is more round shaped "cat-like" and similar to oversized domestic cat tracks. Cougar tracks are larger than coyote tracks, but smaller than wolf tracks.

The toes of a cougar (above) are more  rounded than the toes of a wolf. A cougar track also has a rounder appearance and there are no toenail marks at the end of the toes of a cougar track because cats walk with their claws retracted.

Wolf on Trail Cam, Methow Valley


Twisp Area, Okanogan County

Wolf on Trail Cam, Methow Valley

Trail Cam Photo Of Gray Wolf

Predation, Methow Valley

Confirmed Wolf Predation, Live Cow


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