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WDFW enforcement Officer Pam Taylor steadies a male gray wolf in Pend Oreille County that has been temporarily sedated so it can be equipped with a satellite radio tracking collar.



After being fitted with a satellite radio collar, this male wolf will return to his pack.



Wolves of the "Diamond Pack" in Pend Oreille County.


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Important Considerations

1. Why is "Hunting" not listed as the eventual management tool in the Washington Wolf Plan?


2. What's the cost to tax payers if "Hunting" is not allowed after wolf numbers have rebounded?


3. What are the dangers to humans of an un-hunted, un-afraid, wolf population?


4. How will Washington's limited elk and deer herds survive an un-hunted wolf population?


5. What are the dangers to livestock and ranching of unhunted wolf populations?


6. Does the current Draft Wolf Plan require too many wolves throughout most of Washington?


7. Does the WDFW have wolf biologist's with prior hands-on wolf experience drafting the Wolf Plan?


8. When wolves multiply will hunters likely lose hunting opportunity?


9. Could a small carefully managed population of wolves coexist with WA residents without altering our current lifestyles?


10. Would you prefer the "Minority Position of fewer wolves" to be used in the Washington Wolf Plan?


11. Do you want "Hunting" to be listed in the Wolf Plan language as the eventual management tool.


12. Should people be allowed to protect their pets and livestock from wolves that are in the act of attacking them?




WDFW enforcement Officer Pam Taylor steadies a male gray wolf in Pend Oreille County that has been temporarily sedated so it can be equipped with a satellite radio tracking collar.


 After being fitted with a satellite radio collar, this male wolf will return to his pack.


Wolves of the "Diamond Pack" in Pend Oreille County.


Lack Of Fear

Skinner was correct. The areas of Asia where wolf attacks occur on humans are the same areas where people have no firearms or other effective means of predator control: See

Wolf-Human Encounters





One of four photographs taken by Chris van Gelder of Todd Svarchopf fending off an aggressive wolf on November 4th 2005. This was only four days before the Carnegie Wolf Attack.



Kenton Joel Carnegie

Unarmed engineering student killed by wolves a few days later in the same area of Saskatchewan where the aggressive wolf had confronted Todd Svarchopf.



Hunt Wolves?

Analyzing the history of wolf-human and wolf-livestock conflicts in areas where wolves are hunted as compared to areas where wolves are not hunted, it is easy to conclude that wolves need to be hunted to reinforce their fear of ranching operations and humans so wolves and humans can co-exist in today's world.


History of Attacks

When settlers began colonizing the continent, they noticed that while local wolves were more numerous than in Europe, they were less aggressive.[11] In Canada, an Ontario newspaper offered a $100 reward for proof of an unprovoked wolf attack on a human. The money was left uncollected.[3] Though Theodore Roosevelt considered the large timber wolves of north-western Montana and Washington equal to Northern European wolves in size and strength, he noted they were nonetheless much shyer around man.[12]

In modern times, humans begin to encroach on wolf habitats more contacts are being recorded. Often the contact is because the person is walking their pet dog, and the wolf pack considers the dog a prey item, inciting an attack.[13][14][15][16] Retired wolf biologist Mark McNay compiled 80 events in Alaska and Canada where wolves closely approached or attacked people, finding 39 cases of aggression by apparently healthy wolves, and 29 cases of fearless behavior by non-aggressive wolves.[17]

Unlike the grey wolf, the red wolf has not been known to attack people. However, packs of red wolves were reported to scavenge on battlefield corpses during the Mexican-American War.


Wolf Related Videos

Warning: Many scenes show graphic images of wolves killing various prey. These scenes may not be suitable for all persons.



Wolf on Trail Cam, Methow Valley


Trail Cam, Twisp, Okanogan County


Wolf on Trail Cam, Methow Valley


Confirmed Wolf Predation, Live Cow


Predation, Methow Valley


First wolf taken on 2009 Idaho Hunt. Notice the large head, broader snout, and larger body size.

Trail Cam Photo Of Gray Wolf



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