Space-Saving Tricks to Try When Packing Your Self-Storage Unit

If you need to store some items and don’t have the space at home, a self-storage unit is the answer. You can pack your items away and know they are safe. One thing to consider, however, is how to get the most out of your storage unit. You don’t want to have to pay for a larger one if a smaller unit will do. Here are some space-saving tricks movers use that you can try when packing your self-storage unit.

1. Pack everything in boxes or containers

If you are going to be storing items long-term, you should invest in plastic, stackable storage containers. This will make it easy to stack items to the ceiling and make the most out of your space.

You can also back your loose items in boxes. Going with boxes of the same size will give you the ability to stack things efficiently with minimal loss of space.

2. Think vertically

You want to use as much vertical space as possible to save space and make good use of the unit. If you have a bunch of loose items you cannot box safely, install vertical metal shelves. The shelves allow you to store items with minimal use of floor space.

Also, when you are packing the unit, position furniture vertically when possible. Most sofas, for example, can easily stand on one end, in a corner.

3. Leave no empty space

Every cubic inch of your storage space counts. Fill every drawer with something like suitcases with shoes, and clothing. You can also use towels and linens as packing material. Place paintings and other flat wall art in the spaces between box stacks.

4. Start at the walls and move inward and forward

When packing your unit, start on the sides and the back. Go vertical as much as possible. As you fill the wall space, create another stack in front. Move towards the center and towards the front. Put less needed items toward the back and frequently needed items toward the front.

5. Dismantle furniture

Dismantling furniture means it will take up less space in the unit. Disconnect headboards from bed frames. Take mirrors off dressers. Take table legs off the dining table.

The more you dismantle, the more you can get in the unit.

6. Heavy items to the bottom

When stacking items, be sure to place heavy items on the bottom. This will prevent damage to the lighter items and keep the stacks stable.

Consider the heavy items the platform on which you can stack lighter items. They will form a steady base so you can go higher with the lighter containers.

7. Purge, declutter

The best tip of all? Get rid of things you no longer need. That way you don’t have to pay to store them.

When you are preparing to put things in storage, go through every container. You may have boxes you have moved multiple times but haven’t looked at for years. Go through those boxes and see if you can get rid of your unneeded or unwanted clutter. You may find things that you forgot you had.

These space-saving ideas will help you make the most out of your self-storage unit. Which ones will you use?

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