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We thank the many individuals who have forwarded wolf news reports, photos and other wolf information to make this site a more complete source of wolf information.


The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) is developing the Washington Wolf Plan. The future of wolf management in Washington will be guided by this Wolf Plan. There are several important issues which the plan currently fails to properly address.

March 2010 Peer Review

Letter to Washington Wildlife Commission                             March 22, 2010

RE: Washington Wolf Plan Peer Review


Dear Commissioners,

I want to thank you for carefully considering the Washington Wolf Plan before you adopt it. While I understand many urban residents want to think there are playful wolves bounding through Washington’s mountain forests, I want to remind you that rural residents, ranchers, and hunters all over Washington will have to live with the plan that you adopt. Big game herds will have to survive an additional predator on the landscape, so wolf numbers must be very carefully managed.


I recently read the March 2010 Wolf Plan Peer Review, I am amazed, it sounds like a pro-wolf political statement from Defenders of Wildlife, rather than a professional analysis of a wildlife management plan by experienced wildlife professionals. The Peer Review insults the intelligence of Washington residents and is a disgrace to sound wildlife management. Key issues are avoided such as Hydatid Disease and Neospora Caninum (62%-63% of Idaho and Montana wolves are confirmed infected with hydatid causing tapeworms) which threaten the public health and safety as well as the health of livestock and game herds. Throughout the document, facts and figures are used in a way to downplay wolf impacts on people, livestock, and game herds.


Washington’s wild game herds have been conserved and managed with sports dollars. One reviewer practically suggests that game herds be dedicated as a new wolf feeding project. The reviewers do not adequately address the impacts of reduced hunting opportunities and increased livestock depredation on Washington lifestyles, rural economies, or losses to wildlife management funding due to an inevitable reduction in hunting and license sales. The impacts on rural residents are nearly overlooked all together.


Reviewer 2 suggests that winter feeding of ungulates should be abandoned. This comment in itself reflects the lack of knowledge this reviewer has of modern game management and modern ecosystems. The year is not 1492, it’s the 21st century and human encroachment on winter ranges has consumed much ungulate winter range, as a result Washington has an unnatural modern environment. There is plenty of summer range; in fact summer range is underutilized. But many game herds, especially elk, need winter feeding to make up for the lack of winter range....(read the full letter)



 Fawn torn apart by Wolves in WA


 Methow Valley, Summer 2009



Management Considerations

Washington is smaller in size yet has a much higher human density than the Rocky Mountain States. Washington does not have as large of elk and deer herds as Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming, so far fewer wolves can be supported. A lack of responsible management could easily allow wolves to over populate and destroy game herds faster than in the other states. Then as a result of diminished big game herds, hungry wolves may be forced to invade ranches and towns to prey on domestic animals and pets for food and because wolves carry a variety of diseases and parasites, the likelihood of disease transmission to livestock, pets, and humans is greatly increased. For obvious reasons wolf numbers must be carefully managed and wolves must be encouraged to stay in remote areas away from human populated areas. If managed in a responsible manner, wolves may fit into Washington's modern environment. Washington's citizens cannot afford for wolves to reduce big game herds, attack livestock, or spread disease. Rural economies depend on ranching income and on the annual dollars spent by visiting hunters.



Wolves Need Hunted

Currently the Washington Draft Wolf Plan does not include language specifying "Hunting" as an eventual management tool for wolves. Within a few short years wolves will obviously multiply and problems associated with wolves will most assuredly increase as they have elsewhere. If "hunting" is not included in the wolf plan language as an eventual management tool, it will be unlikely that "hunting" could be used as a management tool without court challenges from anti-hunting groups like "Defenders of Wildlife".


Management strategies involving "Hunting" have worked well for game species and other predators in North America and are now working for Idaho and Montana. America's hunted species are actually some of America's most abundant wildlife species, in fact, it's many of the un-hunted species who's existence is the most threatened. Hunters are good wildlife stewards with an interest in maintaining healthy wildlife populations and hunters provide the funding needed to accomplish that goal.





Cost of Wolf Management

Do Washington taxpayers want to pay the cost for professional hunters to remove depredating wolves and controlling wolf numbers after wolf population objectives are reached? Expensive predator removal programs have had to be implemented in many other states. Professional wolf hunters in Idaho reportedly have been paid $1500.00 plus helicopter flight time for each wolf removal. Why not let hunters pay the cost of wolf management with license sales and ease the burden on taxpayers?



How Many Wolves

The Washington Draft Wolf Plan requires a minimum of 15 breeding pairs for 3 consecutive years (in appropriate distribution, see page 50) before delisting can occur. Data from studies in Idaho and Montana indicate that 15 breeding pairs translates into as many as 360 actual wolves.


A major flaw in the plan is that until there are the appropriate number of breeding pairs in every one of Washington's Wolf Areas, it doesn't matter how many wolves are living in some areas, wolves will not be delisted and management can not occur anywhere in Washington.


Another major flaw, these breeding pairs must exist for three years, in all areas. Data from Idaho indicates a wolf population increases 20% to 24% each year. Perhaps there will be 30 or 40 breeding pairs in central and eastern Washington before there are any breeding pairs on the Olympic Peninsula. Under this plan 40 or more breeding pairs (could be as many as 1000 or more actual wolves) might exist in eastern Washington before the Olympic Peninsula has any breeding pairs. Wolves could easily overpopulate in many areas before population goals are met in all areas.


Would it not be wiser to delist when half that many wolves are confirmed (6 to 8 breeding pairs, which translates into approximately 100 or more wolves) and then manage the wolf population at that level for a test period of 3 years. At the end of the 3 year test period review the impacts that wolves have had on Washington to determine if wolf numbers should be allowed to increase.



Translocation Of Wolves In Washington

Translocation could be used under the wolf plan in the event livestock killing wolves need moved since they can not be killed under the plan, see page 52.




WDFW estimated wolf habitat in Washington, how will this affect you?



What Wolves Eat

Studies have indicated that 1 wolf eats 17 elk or 44 deer per year (page 73 wolf plan). At that rate the target population of 361 wolves in Washington could eat as many as 6,137 elk or 15,884 deer. Under the current draft wolf plan if wolves do not populate all wolf zones at the same time, wolves will likely overpopulate in some areas of Washington before any management can occur. Eastern Washington could end up with 1000+ wolves and that many wolves could eat as many as 17,000 elk or 44,000 deer per year in Washington before any breeding pairs are established in the Olympic Peninsula so that delisting and subsequent management can occur.


Hunters currently harvest an average of 8,000 elk and 38,000 deer in all areas of Washington (page 78, page 83). If wolves overpopulate, it is very possible that there would not be enough elk and deer to allow any hunting seasons. This would dramatically effect local economies and lifestyles. This is already occurring in Idaho, 8 elk areas are below goals, and IDFG is concerned.


Wolves also eat livestock (see page 63) and even though there are reimbursement programs, a big problem is that many wolf predations on livestock are currently being classified as "non-conclusive". Another problem is that increased predation is exhausting these programs. Either scenario could result in ranchers not getting reimbursed for their loss and this effects ranch incomes and local economies.


The Washington Draft Wolf Plan places too many wolves in Washington. If game herds are reduced, it's very likely predation on livestock and pets, and increased exposure to wolf diseases will occur.



Idaho Wildlife Services Statistics

Some wolf advocacy groups have pointed out that, in relative terms, only a very small proportion of livestock losses (<1% for cattle and <2.5% for sheep) nationwide are typically caused by wolves, and that other predators, such as coyotes, are responsible for many more livestock deaths than are wolves (Defenders of Wildlife 2007).


By determining the average number of livestock killed per each individual predator on the landscape, and comparing these figures among the four species, it turns out that individual wolves in Idaho are about 170 times more likely to kill cattle than are individual coyotes or black bears.


Individual wolves were determined to be about 21 times more likely to kill cattle than were individual mountain lions....(read the full story)





The Minority Position

This is a statement from concerned members of the Wolf Working Group, an appointed group of citizens who helped draft the Washington Draft Wolf Plan. The "Minority Position" is outlined on pages 246 and 247 of the Wolf Plan.


Wolf Working Group Minority Statement:


We are "unable to live with" the proposed numbers in the WWG Draft Plan. We believe the numbers are too high and will result in direct conflict with the Livestock and Sportsman Communities.


Therefore we feel that the WWG’s desired number of BP’s is unrealistic given the lack of suitable habitat and the much higher human population density of this state and that the requirement of 15 BP’s for 3 years (50% Higher that the USFW criteria for recovery in WY, MT, and ID,) defies common sense.


We therefore propose the following numbers of BP’s statewide: 3 BP’s to down list to Threatened, 6 BP’s to down list to State Sensitive, and 8 BP’s to change to a Big Game Animal. And we would eliminate the 3 year period since the state was not considered essential for recovery of wolves in the NRM (p.6119 Federal Register). This total number of 8 BP’s or approximately 80 wolves would fit in the states economic analysis as outlined in Chapter 14, "Economics" which states "Wolf numbers between 50 and 100 animals should pose little detriment to the states livestock industry as a whole…As wolf populations become larger and more widely distributed, financial impacts are likely to accrue to more producers" (p.126). "Populations of 50 to 100 wolves should not have negative effects on big game hunting in Washington" (p.139).


The "Draft Wolf Plan" may have reflected the "Minority Position" if the group had not been stacked with pro-wolf members by the WDFW. Because the group had more pro-wolf members the final plan represents the pro-wolf intent to saturate Washington with breeding pairs of wolves.



 Near Twisp in Okanogan County


 Wolf on trail cam, Methow Valley



Your Help Is Needed

Washington's residents, ranchers, hunters, and game herds are not properly considered in the proposed wolf plan. Write and request that the wolf plan be revised to protect the lifestyle, livelihood, health, and safety of rural residents, hunters,  ranchers, livestock, and wildlife populations in Washington.



Write to the Washington Wildlife Commission

and Write Your Legislators:  Send Info Here

(1) Ask for "Hunting" to be included in the "Washington Wolf Plan" language

      as the "Eventual Wolf Management Tool".

(2) Ask for the right to protect your pets and livestock from wolves that are in

      the act of attacking.

(3) Ask for fewer Breeding Pairs for delisting until the effects of wolves on our

      Washington environment can be determined.

(4) Explain that all of Washington should not have to wait for wolves to move

      across the I-5 corridor to the Olympics before delisting other areas.

(5) Ask what is being done to prevent wolf diseases like Hydatid Disease

      from infecting pets, animals, and humans.

(6) Ask what is being done to preserve your current lifestyle, your future safety,

      and your future hunting opportunities.

(7) Ask why these important considerations are not addressed in the "Draft

      Washington Wolf Plan".

(8) Ask for a solution and response to your questions and concerns.




Methow Valley predation, the first agent on the scene said it was a wolf kill, but the regional biologist wouldn't confirm it as a wolf kill. Thus a total loss for the rancher.


This wolf is believed to be one of two wolves that attacked two hunting dogs, one dog killed, the other dog severely hurt resulting in more than $1000 in vet bills.





Wolf pup on Trail Cam in Methow


      Notice the size of Wolf tracks





WDFW enforcement Officer Pam Taylor steadies a male gray wolf in Pend Oreille County that has been temporarily sedated so it can be equipped with a satellite radio tracking collar.


Wolves of the "Diamond Pack" in Pend Oreille County. There are now three packs of wolves documented in GMU 113 of Pend Oreille County.






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Extirpation Of Caribou - Part I

Extirpation Of Caribou - Part II

Extirpation Of Caribou - Part III

Predator Mortality Risk For Caribou


Sightings 1-888-584-9038

Washington Gray Wolf Sightings

Six Packs Identified In 1992

Wolf Restoration Focus

Washington Wolf Management

Washington Draft Wolf Plan

Get Wolf Plan Updates

Commission Meeting Schedule

Peer Review - March 2010

Wolf Support Letter 2010

SCI Comments On Draft Plan

Current Legal Status

Working Group Named

Methow - Lookout Pack Moves

Wolf Plan Hearings

Okanogan Wolf Howling

Wolf Pair Confirmed

Road Killed Wolf

2nd Wolf Pack Confirmed

Who To Contact

Confirmed Wolf Killed Calf

USFWS Verifies Kill

Ranchers Threatened

Bennington Lake Wolves

Wolf Poaching Rewards Increased

Wolf Status Uncertain

Commentary: Wolf Worries

$7500 For Wolf Killing Info

Advocates Want Wolf Plan Soon

Explaining Washington Wolves

Washington Wolves Remain Protected

Population Cap Needed For Wolves

Washington 4th Pack Confirmed

Washington's 5th Pack Confirmed


David Johnson - Wolf Control

Dr David Mech Senior Scientist

Dr Valerius Geist PhD

Dr Dennis Murray

Mr. Will Graves, Retired

Dr Bergerud & Management


Dr Charles Kay Wildlife Biologist

Are Natives Keystone Predators

Dr Kay On Wolf Recovery

Ecosystem Structures

Historic Yellowstone Ecosystem

Predation: Lies And Scientific Fraud

Is Delisting Rigged

Politics of Wolf Recovery

Science Of Counting Deer

The Kaibab Deer Incident

The Scourge Of The Earth

Wolves In The West


Dr Geist On Hydatid Disease

Dr Geist Wolves Dangerous

Dr Geist Wolf Synopsis

Dr Geist Predators And Us

Dr Geist Regarding Wolf Attack

Wolves On Vancouver Island


3000 Wolves Exist In ID-MT-WY

George Dovel - Outdoorsman

Restoring Native Ecosystem

Wolf Numbers Underestimated

What They Didn’t Tell You

The Outdoorsman On Wolves


Wolves: Not Just For Rural America

Wolves Coming To Urban America

Wolves Chase And Corner Elk

Isn't Going To Be So Easy

Spreading E Granulosus Eggs

Predator Diseases And Impacts

Wolves in Maine in the 1600s - Part I

Wolves in Maine in the 1600s - Part II

Recorded Human Attacks - Part III

Efforts To Exterminate - Part IV

Extermination or Migration - Part V

Did Wolves Leave & Why - Part VI


Who To Blame For Losses To Wolves

Wolf Stew Stinks

Wolves Test The City Limits

Think Twice About Visiting Montana

Which Wolf Is The Right Wolf - Part 1

Which Wolf Is The Right Wolf - Part 2

What Is The Real Truth?


The ESA Has Failed

The Harmless Wolf Myth




Wikipedia Gray Wolf Description

Endangered Species Act

1987 USFWS NRM Wolf Plan

Wolf Management & Staff

1994 Wolf Depredation Management

Wolf Video Collection

Do Wolves Balance Ecosystems

Are Wolves Still Endangered

When Ignorance Is Bliss

Dog Gene May Aid Wolves

2010 NRM Wolf Pack Map

Panel Roundtable: Gray Wolf

Map Of Canid Genomic Variation


Human Habituated Wolves

Wolf Attacks On Humans

Review Wolf Attacks Humans

Dog Saves Family From Attack

Six Injured In Wolf Attacks

Wolf Impacts On People

Ontario Wolf Attack

Six Injured In Wolf Attack

Wolves Stalk Children

Woman Killed By Wolves

Rabid Wolf Attacks Hunter

When Wolves Claim Your Kill

Mother-Child-Dog Attacked

Appleby & Pitman: Wolf Attack


Idaho & Montana Wolf Ruling

Great Lakes Wolf Ruling

Tosses Rule For Livestock Kills

Montana Submits Info Lawsuit

Suing Yourself? Tax Dollars

HSUS Accused Racketeering

Environmentalist Conspiracy

When 1 Judge Controls Wolves

Advocates Want Court To Hurry

Wolf Advocates Won't Appeal

Eco Lawsuits Always Messy


Rocky Mtn Wolf Recovery Plan

Forest Service FEIS

N Rockies 2008 Annual Report

Livestock And Pet Predation

Dealing With Wolf Predation

Montana Livestock Losses

Idaho 2009 Wolf Predation

Wolf Predation 1987-2008

Wolf Predation Candid Photos

Wolf Impact Wisconsin Farms

Wolf Depredation Management

Identify Livestock Depredation

Plan To Stop Public Grazing

Alberta Increasing Attacks

Wolves Killing Sheep

Rancher Loses $35,000 Wolves

Montana Losses Up 450%

Wolves Slaughter 120 Sheep

365 Livestock Killed In MT

Wolves Take Calves From Barn

Montana Wolf Attacks Spike

Four Horses Killed In St Regis

Idaho Horse Death

$1 Million Wolf Livestock Project

Livestock Industry Depredation

Depredations At Record Level

Feds Hunting Livestock Killers

Two Idaho Wolves Kill Sheep


ID Senate Investigates Disease

Infectious Diseases YNP Canids

IDFG Wildlife Vet: Echinococcus

CDC Fact Sheet - Echinococcus

Alaska Field Guide Of Diseases

Echinococcus Granulosus Q&A

Outdoorsman - Hydatid Disease

Warning To Outdoor Users

Synopsis Of Hydatid Disease

Will Graves Warning Letter

Journal Of Wildlife Disease

Wikipedia Hydatid Disease

Echinococcus granulosus

Echinococcus multilocularis

Hydatid Cases in US & Canada

Center For Disease Control

World Health Organization

Hydatid Disease & Education

Hydatid Cyst Neuro-Surgery

Montana Senator Hinkle Letter

Letter to Environmental Council

Infectious Abortions Dairy Cows

Neospora Abortion Dairy Cattle

Transmission Of Neospora Caninum

Imported Wolves Bring Parasite

Wolves And Human Health

Was It A Conspiracy

Will Graves Comments To EQC

Hydatid Disease Fact Verses Reality

Urgent Meeting Hydatid Disease

Hydatid Cysts Clinical Presentation

Natural Host For Neospora Caninum

Survival Of Echinococcus Granulosus

Neosporosis In Animals

E Granulosus Infections Moose-Wolf

Implications Of Manipulative Parasites


Reduce Conflicts With Dogs

Dog Predations By Wolves 2010

Dog Predations By Wolves 2009

118 Dogs Killed By Wolves

Dogs Killed By Wolf Attacks

Wolves And Hunting Dogs

Idaho Wolves Kill Two Dogs

Idaho Wolves Attack Dog

Residents Warned To Be Vigilant

Wolf Depredation, Hunting Dogs

Valuable Dogs Killed By Wolves

4 Dogs Killed In Idaho Attack

Wolves Kill 2 Hunting Dogs

Pet Dog Killed By Wolves

Gros Ventre Wolves Kill 3 Dogs

Pug Narrowly Escapes Wolf

Wisconsin Wolves Kill More Dogs

Sweden, Two Wolves Kill Dog


Effects of Wolf Predation

USGS Wolf Kill Rate On Elk

Story Of Idaho And Montana

Wolf Predation Slide Show

Predator Prey Relationships

Wolf Predation Idaho Elk

Idaho Wolves Hurt Elk Numbers

Wolf Predation More Bad News

Cougars Killed By Wolves

Predation On Wintering Deer

Predator Prey Management

Elk Wolf Avoidance Behavior

Decline Of Elk By Wolves

Wolves Impact Midwest Deer

Minnesota Wolf Impacts On Deer


Myths, Legends, Misconceptions

Three Views Of The Wolf Wars

Chuck Adams, The Wolf Trap

Hunting, Part of Management

3,000 to 5,000 Wolves Wanted

Undermining WY On Wolves

Defenders Wildlife - Justice Dept

Conservation Success or Disaster

Defenders of Wildlife Letter to RMEF

RMEF Letter to Defenders of Wildlife

Nonessential Status Of Wolves

Bangs: They're No Big Deal

Abuse Of Law And Taxpayers $

AR Lawsuits Hurting Wildlife

Sportsmen Unite To Support State

Kline Bill Would Delist Wolves

Bad News For Wolves

Wolf Tensions Grow

Sex-Offender Wants Save Wolves

Public Doesn't Buy Report

Conservation At Crossroads

Efforts Make Intentions Clear

Dairy Farmer's Perspective Video

Fun In The Wolf Wars

Another Step Toward Delisting

Measure Seen As Precedent

RMEF Lauds First Step

Groups Turn To State Management

Great Lakes Wolves Listing Status

Budget Bill Cuts Wolf Protections

Wolves Officially Delisted Today

Great Lakes Wolves Recovered

Wolf Comeback Worries Midwest

Wolf Defenders In Hysterics

Great Lakes Delisting Proposal

Tale Of Two States

Wolf Facts And What It Means

States Prepare For Wolf Hunts

Great Lakes Could Be Next

Plan To Cap ESA Petition Funding

Hunters Key To Managing Wildlife

Director USFWS - Defenders Wildlife

Gray Wolves Threaten Human Life

Wolves Proposed In New York City

NRM Wolf Population Trends

A Gathering Of Wolves

How Legal Was Wolf Introduction




Wolf / Bear Hunts Are Helping

Increasing Numbers Of Moose

Predation On Sheep In Alaska

Management Not About Sport

Asked To Ban Arial Gunning

Wolf May Have Attacked Teacher

Autopsy: Likely Killed By Wolves

Two Wolves Killed By Officials

Fatal Attack Unnerves Village

Video Report On Alaska Wolf Attack

No Action On Unimak Wolves

State Opposes Unimak Decision

State Extends Unimak Season

Alaska Wolf Size Depends On Prey

Biologists Stocked Alaska With Wolves

Truth About Wolves In Alaska


Reducing Wolf Predation on Cattle

BC Wolf-Dog Stalking Pets

Ontario Dog Devoured By Wolves

Dog Photo Sparks Controversy

Jasper Park - Elk Scoop And Run


Knocking At Colorado's Door

Wolves Found In Colorado

Wolves May Have Arrived

Colorado Wolves Have Protection

Montana Wolf Travels To Colorado

1000 Mile Journey To Colorado

Colorado Wolf Poisoned

Poison Killed Colorado Wolf


Wikipedia Red Wolf

Wikipedia Coywolf

Decline, Fall, And Return

Red Wolf Recovery Project

Red Wolf Hybrid Or Not

Red Wolf 5 Year Review

Reintroduction In Adirondacks

Pennsylvania Coyote/Wolf

Adirondack Coyote or Wolf?

Escaped Wolf In Pennsylvania

Red Wolf Or A Hybrid?

Turnout Small For Maine Wolf Hearing

Gray Wolf Topic In Maine


Idaho Wolf Management

Idaho Wolf Management Plan

2008 Idaho Wolf Distribution

Idaho F&G Resolution

Idaho Sets Season

Wolf Seasons & Regulations

Tags Go On Sale

Wolf Harvest Tally

Idaho 2010 Management Report

Idaho State Of Emergency

Lolo Zone Elk Numbers Declining

New Revelations About Wolves

First Wolf Taken Hunting 2009

Two Wolves Taken, Idaho Hunt

Third Wolf Shot, Idaho Wolf Hunt

Idaho Wolf Hunts Will Continue

Idaho Wolf Poacher Busted

Idaho's 100 Special Wolf Tags

Idaho's New Hunt

Wolf Hit On I-90 In North Idaho

Wolf Advocate Warned by IDFG

State Hopes To Target Lolo Wolves

Director Wants Expanded Hunting

First Wolf Season A Success

North Idaho Wolf Reports

Don't Show Wolf Documents

Wolf Impact On Cow Elk Study

Idaho 2010 Wolf Report

Deal Great News For Idaho

Idaho Gets Creative On Wolves

Lawmakers Pass Emergency Bill

Wolf Hunting Likely To Resume

Meeting Set To Plan Hunt

Disaster Bill Still Necessary

Idaho Wildlife Services 2010 Report

Idaho March Wolf Report

Idaho House Bill 531 Passes

IDFG Lolo Elk Count

Outfitters Can Harvest Five Wolves


Michigan Management Plan

Lower Michigan Wolves Sighted

UP Wolf Killing Trend

U-P Wolf Killings Continue

MI DNR What About Wolves

Wolves In Michigan

Management May Return To State


Great Lakes Wolf Recovery

Minnesota Management Plan

4,000 Wolves Are Endangered

Assessing The Distinctness

What Animal Is It Now

DNR - Living With Wolves

WI Map Of Wolf Territories

Minnesota Wolf Woes

Minnesota Files Petition To Delist

Wolf Attacks Up In Minnesota

Management Belongs With State

Wolf Encounters In Ely, Minnesota


Montana Wolf Management

MT Wolf Management Plan

Wolves & Livestock

MT Damage Management

Wolf Re-Imbursement

First Wolf Hunt Preparations

MT Wolf Hunt To Open

Wolf Harvest Tally

Large Scale Bloodshed

Not Required To Eat Wolf

Tag Sales Bring In $167,000

Montana's First Wolf Taken

Big Game Scarce Along Gallatin

Letter To MT Environmental Council

Montana Senator Hinkle Letter

Bitterroot Wolves Are Here To Stay

EJ Lawyers Chastise Schweitzer

Wolves Reducing Montana Elk

High Costs Of Montana Wolves

Paying For Sheep With Wolves

Wolf Numbers Up Statewide

Wolf Pair Ordered Killed

FWP Biologist Honored

Wolf Kill Clears First Hurdle

Sportsmen Want Quick Action

3 Montana Packs To Be Eliminated

Funding Needed For Wolf Lawsuit

Emergency Closure Needed Now

Montana To At Least Double Quota

Mangy Druid Wolf Killed Near Butte


DRAFT Mex Wolf Assessment

Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery

Mexican Gray Wolf Project

Mexican Wolf Captive Mngmt

Fact Sheet For Visitors

Mexican Wolf Removals

Mexican Wolf Program Issues

Wolf Pack Incidents

These Wolves Are Hybrids

Mexican Wolf Project News

Mexican Gray Wolf News

New Mexico Livestock Killings

Federal Agency Leaves Pack

No Charges Filed In Wolf Case

NM Wolf Follows Children

Governor Endangers NM Children

Future Of Wolves Uncertain

Pearce Seeks Program Cuts

Complaint Over Cow's Death

Wolves Wanted In Grand Canyon


Oregon Wolf Management

Oregon Wolf Management Plan

Wolf Spotted In Oregon

Video Of Wolf In Oregon

Kill Order On Oregon Wolves

Livestock Losses, Wolves Killed

Wolves Roam, Trouble Follows

Pack Of 10 - Wallowa County

Wolves In Oregon Cascades

Three Wolves Collared In Oregon

Locals Testify About Wolves

ESA Must Be Fixed

Peril On The Range For Ranchers

Wolf Protesters In La Grande

Ranchers Need Tools

House Approves Wolf Bill

What About Politics In Oregon

What Delisting Means For Oregon

Wolves In Oregon: Challenge

Wolf Kill In Defense Of Life

Wolves And Livestock

Another Wolf Attack In Joseph OR

Wolf Kill Permits Issued In Oregon

Wolf Symposium In LaGrande

Wolves Kill Third Oregon Calf


Utah Wolf Management Plan

Ute Tribe Wolf Resolution

USU Wolf Report

SB 36 Wolf Management

Utah Proposes Wolf Ban

Utah Wolf Measure

Utah On The Wolf Kill Charts

Utah Wolf Critic Comments

Governor Gets 56,000 Email


Great Lakes Wolf Recovery

Wisconsin Management Plan

Addendum To Wisconsin Plan

4,000 Wolves Are Endangered

Assessing The Distinctness

What Animal Is It Now

DNR - Living With Wolves

WI Map Of Wolf Territories

Rise Of The Wisconsin Wolf

Population Strong In Wisconsin

Wisconsin's Largest Pack

Right About Wisconsin Wolves

Effects Of Wolves On Farms

Opinions Differ On Wolf Impact

Farmer Howling About Wolves

Wisconsin Population Passes 800

WI Voters Favor Wolf Control

More Than 1000 Wolves Roam

Protections Of Wolves To End

Wolves Rebound Causing Unease

DNR Discusses Wolves

Momentum Builds For Hunt

USFWS To Hold Public Meeting


Mongolian Wolf Control

Wolves In Russia

Falklands Wolf Mystery

Sweden Allows Wolf Hunting

Sweden Finland Clash On Wolves

Armenia Wolf Bounty Controversy

Wolf Near Southern Swedish City

Wolf In Stockholm Garden

Livestock Lost To Wolves Tajikistan

Wolf Attacks On People In Georgia


Wyoming Wolf Management

WY Wolf Management Plan

Statement Of Reason

Wyoming Emergency Rule

Wyoming Wolf Update

18 Wolves Killed In 2009

Wyoming Groups Blast USFWS

Wyoming verses USFWS "Latest"

Wolf Impacts Under Estimated

Wolf Compensation Denied

What Grand Teton Wolves Eat

Officials Work To End Conflict

Discussing Flex Plan On Wolves

New State Plan Under Attack

Wyoming Wolves Kill Fewer Cattle

Cody Wolf Management Rally

Cody Wolf Impact Rally


Yellowstone Is Dyeing

Yellowstone Wolf In S Dakota

Yellowstone Elk Suffering

YNP Elk Suffer Due To Wolves


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